Hi. Once again, My plans have changed. Basically, I got a 3d printer for my birthday this year. To be exact, I got the RepRapPro fisher delta beta printer. This means that soon, the flow of content to this site, will be updated more frequently, and with better content. This is a game-changer for me. As it means that finally; I… Read more →

Plans Change!

OK, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been searching around for another 3d printer. The reason for this is because the XYZ DaVinci Jr didn’t make the cut. The software is Windows only (i’m using Ubuntu, Linux), the filament is proprietary to the printer, and, there is an alternative. I saw the Fisher Delta Printer and instantly changed my mind.… Read more →

Hi Again

Hi, my birthday is coming up soon and I have asked for only 2 things this year. An electric airsoft gun, the M83 M4 Carbine to be precise, (some ammo and a speed loader) and money for the 3D Printer (YAY!!). I may do a review and unboxing of the gun if I can get it. And of course that will be… Read more →